Rest and Resilience

Your lonely, distracted, overstimulated nervous system craves relief. You don’t need to do more, you need to do less. The spacious silence of Restorative yoga teaches you how to downshift. In short, it increases your resilience.

Burnout Culture

Capitalism and patriarchy are interlocking systems that want you to believe rest equals laziness and work is never done. These systems don’t see you as a sacred being, but rather as a machine for efficient productivity. In this context, resting is a radical act.


Chronic stress contributes to heart disease, hormone disruption, infertility, premenstrual symptoms, digestive disorders, emotional instability, anxiety, depression, insomnia and more. 

Restorative yoga is a powerful tool to decrease stress by activating the parasympathetic nervous system.


The consequence of chronic stress is exhaustion, which is an almost universal condition of our digital age. When you feel overwhelmed by the calls for your attention (from emails, text messages, work, appointments, children, partners, parents, friends, or social activism) you are exhausted.

What is Restorative yoga?

Restorative yoga is the use of props to support the body in positions of comfort and ease to facilitate relaxation and health.

In this way, we use the inborn systems of the body to activate the parasympathetic nervous system. This system is responsible for digestion, elimination, fertility, immunity, hormone regulation, and so much more. In our fast-paced smart phone-addled lives we have forgotten how to honor the body’s natural rhythms and requirements for rest.

The Brain Science

Restorative yoga reduces hyperactivity in the frontal cortex and helps us to regulate interoceptive awareness. 

When we practice, our brain waves change, shifting from Beta (active state) through Alpha (meditative state) into the deeper Theta (dream state) and Delta (sleep state).

More than just rest, Restorative practices promote physical, emotional, and psychological healing. 

What will I learn?

In this Level 1 workshop, you will learn the art and skill of teaching Restorative yoga. 

Topics covered include:

  • Physiology of relaxation

  • Physical, emotional, spiritual aspects of Restorative yoga

  • Special poses for menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause

  • How to sequence and teach a Restorative yoga class

Topics not covered:

  • Therapeutic applications of Restorative yoga (this is the focus of Level 2)

  • Sequences for specific disorders like asthma, vertigo,  or discogenic disease.

Who is Judith Hanson Lasater?

An early pioneer in conscious rest, Judith Hanson Lasater has trained teachers to teach Restorative yoga since 2001.

Her two books on Restorative yoga “Relax and Renew" (1995) and "Restore and Rebalance” (2017) are used around the world in teacher training programs.

Judith is also a passionate overachiever who, as mom of three, grandma of ten, and author of 11 books, understands the allure of busyness. But she also deeply appreciates the urgency of slowing down, not just for ourselves but for our families, friends, and the planet.

She likes to say: “Savasana is a 20-minute gift you gift to yourself and the world at the same time.”

Who is Lizzie Lasater?

As a working mom of four-year-old twin boys Lizzie understand the urgency of building resilience. 

Raised in San Francisco, she began teaching Vinyasa Yoga in 2004, before earning a Masters in Architecture from Columbia University in New York City. 

She live in Salzburg with her Austrian husband.


Who are the assistants?

The course is supported by a team of Relax and Renew® certified teachers. Most of the them have previously assisted Judith and Lizzie at in-person workshops and online trainings.

They bring their impressive knowledge, enthusiasm, and empathy into the live Zooms to reinforce your learning. 

The assistants host live 30-minute Q&A sessions after some of the Zooms. This is your chance to review the material and get your personal questions answered.


What students say about studying with Judith and Lizzie online:

  • Love, love, loved this course! - Laurie

  • One of the best yoga courses! Wonderful teachers, wonderful content, wonderful presentation and organization. The course online was perfect to me. I am so grateful. This course changes life, way of being, interacting with people, teaching yoga. Definitely one of the best things I've done in my life! - Cécile

  • 5 out of 5 stars, all the words of wisdom, and instruction and science and experience were so good. Good for my soul and my body. Thank you. - Laura

  • Loved the learning and practice! Judith's teachings are authentic, sweet, and full of wisdom. - Rachelle

What is the structure of this course?

This course blends self-paced pre-recorded videos with live Zooms. 

The live classes contain a mix of lecture, demonstration, partner work, and Q&A with our wonderful team of assistants.

You’ll also have access to our integrated online form to ask questions. It’s like a private Facebook group - without the advertising.

All live Zooms are recorded. But, if you miss a session, you will miss the opportunity for partner work, which is private, and therefore not recorded.

While attending the live Zooms is highly encouraged, it is not absolutely required. This is an adult learning environment so we assume you’re here because you want to learn to practice and teach Restorative yoga. We also empower you to advocate for yourself, which means participate, do your homework exercises, ask questions, and give feedback.

When are the 8 live Zooms?

The live Zooms are scheduled throughout March 2024: 

Tuesday, March 12th

Thursday, March 14th

Sunday, March 17th

Tuesday, March 19th

Thursday, March 21st

Sunday, March 24th

Tuesday March 26th

Thursday, March 28th

Each session is 4.5 hours, including a 30-minute bio-break.

All class times start at 8am California, Pacific Time. 

But, can I start today?


This training is a blend of self-paced and live content. That means you can enroll at any time and work your way through the large library of pre-recorded videos. You have two spacious years to access the material.

Once a year the whole group of enrolled students (sometimes called a cohort) spends a month learning together. The next time this happens is live with Judith and Lizzie via Zoom in March 2024.

What about certification?

This training leads to you becoming a Relax and Renew® Level 1 certified Restorative yoga teacher.

Here are the steps for certification:

  1. Watch the pre-recorded videos.

  2. Attend the live Zooms, or watch the recordings.

  3. Complete a written project.

  4. Submit your project to Judith for her personal feedback. Additional $150 USD fee applies.

  5. Receive your certification as a  Relax and Renew® Level 1 teacher.

Note: Judith offers in-person Relax and Renew® Level 2 trainings about once a year. They are exclusively open to students who have already earned Level 1 certification. No exceptions.

Bonus material

Extra recordings and resources to support your learning.

  • Restorative Class

    You'll receive a full 2-hour Restorative class taught by Judith. This class gives you the chance to experience the pacing and rich silence of Judith's Restorative offerings.

  • Office Hours

    Included in the course are two episodes (#14 and #15) from Judith's Office Hours mentorship program. The first is a general discussion of Restorative yoga and the second dives into teaching Restorative yoga.

  • Psychosomatic Anatomy

    You'll also have access to a "Science Lab" video from our course "Deep Rest: Somatic self-care for exhaustion". In this session Mary Richards offers a detailed discussion of the structures that connect brain and body.


  • What is your refund policy?

    We offer a 95% refund policy. Just email us within one week of enrolling, and we can reverse the charge (minus third party credit card fees) back onto your credit card. No questions asked.

  • When does my access expire?

    We want you to feel spacious, but we also want you to encourage you to move through the material. So you’ll have two years from the day you enroll.

  • Do I need to attend all live sessions to receive certification?

    While attending the live Zooms is highly encouraged, it is not absolutely required. This is an adult learning environment so we assume you’re here because you want to learn to practice and teach Restorative yoga. We also empower you to advocate for yourself, which means participate, do your homework exercises, ask questions, and give feedback.

  • I'm not a yoga teacher, can I still take this course?

    Yes! This training is a great way to deepen your own Restorative yoga practice.

  • I've already taken your "Relax and Renew® Level 1" course in person. Will I learn anything new?

    We hope so. This course is Level 1 but in a new re-organized format so that it works online.

  • Do I need any additional materials?

    The required texts are Judith's books, "Relax and Renew" and "Restore and Rebalance". Also you will need the following props: 1 sticky mat, 2 bolsters, 1 eye cover, 2 blocks, and 6 firm blankets.

  • Can I receive Yoga Alliance credit?

    Yes! At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of completion for 50 non-contact hours. After that, you can request for continuing education credit from Yoga Alliance or an equivalent organization.

  • I’m pregnant. Can I still take this workshop?

    Yes! Please let the teaching team know when you join the live Zooms. You’ll need to make some special modifications in terms of propping. And you’ll need to skip (observe and not practice) the inversions.

  • I have a different question. Who can I contact?

    Lizzie is here to answer your enrollment questions. Please email her directly at [email protected]

Learn to rest deeply.

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