Experiential Anatomy

Movement literacy for yoga teachers.

Teach Smarter

Designed by yoga teachers for yoga teachers, this brand-new digital training is about more than just anatomy.

When we teach and practice yoga, the structure of the body, or anatomy, is more fully understood within the context of movement and gravity.

That’s why this course trains you how to read the human body in an entirely new way. It’s a concept we call movement literacy.

In this course you will learn how to apply this learning first in your own body, and then with each student you encounter.

Our textbook for the course is Judith's book, Yogabody: Anatomy, Kinesiology, and Asana


Embodied Learning

Let’s be honest: anatomy can be a dry and intimidating subject. That’s why this training revolves around experiential learning, your specific needs as a yoga teacher, and as much laughter as possible. 

Spring Semester Starts January 9th

Due to overwhelming interest, we've extended enrollment until the first live webinar on January 9th, 2018.

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Teach with confidence

Learn to teach people not poses

Deep kinesiological understanding

Read your student’s body with knowledge and compassion

Live in anatomical reality

Cultivate your intuition to modify poses

Stay safe in your own practice


01. Bones, Joints, Nerves, and Basic Terms

  • Welcome to our anatomy community!
  • ***Announcements***
  • 01.01 Key Pose // Bhujangasana
  • 01.02 Podcast // Structures Below the Skin
  • 01.02 Podcast // Notes
  • 01.03 Tutorial // Planes of Movement
  • 01.04 Tutorial // Bony Landmarks
  • 01.05 PDF // Range of Motion Guide

02. The Muscles

  • 02.01 Key Pose // Uttanasana
  • 02.02 Podcast // Gravity Shapes All Movements
  • 02.02 Podcast // Notes
  • 02.03 Tutorial // Origin and Insertion
  • 02.04 Tutorial // Prime Movers, Stabilizers, and Neutralizers
  • 02.05 PDF // Anatomy Mantra
  • Quiz: Part 1

03. Introduction to the Vertebral Column

  • 03.01 Key Pose // Tadasana
  • 03.02 Podcast // Worship the Normal Curves
  • 03.02 Podcast // Notes
  • 03.03 Tutorial // Vertebral Column Structure

04. The Cervical Spine

  • 04.01 Key Pose // Setu Bandhasana
  • 04.02 Podcast // 55 to Stay Alive: Don't Overflex the Neck
  • 04.02 Podcast // Notes
  • 04.03 Tutorial // Cervical Spine Structure
  • 04.04 Tutorial // Salamba Sarvangasana

05. The Thoracic Spine

  • 05.01 Key Pose // Dhanurasana
  • 05.02 Podcast // It's Not a Backbend if the Ribs Don't Open
  • 05.02 Podcast // Notes
  • 05.03 Tutorial // Thoracic Spine Structure

06. The Lumbar Spine

  • 06.01 Key Pose // Marichyasana III
  • 06.02 Podcast // Twists Begin With the Hips
  • 06.02 Podcast // Notes
  • 06.03 Tutorial // Lumbar Spine Structure

07. The Sacrum

  • 07.01 Key Pose // Balasana
  • 07.02 Podcast // The Sacrum is Sacred
  • 07.02 Podcast // Notes
  • 07.03 Tutorial // Sacrum Basics
  • 07.04 Tutorial // Parivrtta Trikonasana
  • 07.05 PDF // Understanding the Sacroiliac Joint
  • Quiz: Part 2

08. The Pelvis, Hip Joint, and Femur

  • 08.01 Key Pose // Trikonasana
  • 08.02 Podcast // The Pelvis is the Center of Movement and Stability
  • 08.02 Podcast // Notes
  • 08.03 Tutorial // Gender Differences in the Pelvis
  • 08.04 Tutorial // Bony Landmarks of the Pelvis
  • 08.05 Tutorial // The Hip Joint

09. The Knee Joint and Leg

  • 09.01 Key Pose // Virabhadrasana II
  • 09.02 Podcast // The Key is the Inner Knee
  • 09.02 Podcast // Notes
  • 09.03 Tutorial // Knee Joint and Leg Structure
  • 09.04 Tutorial // Is the Knee a Hinge Joint?
  • 09.05 Tutorial // Hyperextension
  • 09.06 Tutorial // Virasana

10. The Ankle and Foot

  • 10.01 Key Pose // Malasana
  • 10.02 Podcast // Stand on Your Calcaneus
  • 10.02 Podcast // Notes
  • 10.03 Tutorial // The Ankle and Foot Structure
  • 10.04 Tutorial // Teaching Tadasana
  • Quiz: Part 3

11. The Abdomen

  • 11.01 Key Pose // Navasana
  • 11.02 Podcast // Soft Belly, Strong Abs
  • 11.02 Podcast // Notes
  • 11.03 Tutorial // Exploring the Abdomen
  • 11.04 Tutorial // Abdominals as Stabilizers

12. The Diaphragm

  • 12.01 Key Pose // Preparing for Pranayama
  • 12.02 Podcast // Let Your Diaphragm Dance
  • 12.02 Podcast // Notes
  • 12.03 Tutorial // Exploring the Diaphragm
  • 12.04 Audio // Guided Pranayama
  • Quiz: Part 4

13. The Shoulder Girdle

  • 13.01 Key Pose // Adho Mukha Svanasana
  • 13.02 Podcast // The Scapula is the Root of the Shoulder
  • 13.02 Podcast // Notes
  • 13.03 Tutorial // Shoulder Joint Structure
  • 13.04 Tutorial // Healthy Shoulders in a Vinyasa

14. The Elbow Joint and Forearm

  • 14.01 Key Pose // Vasisthasana
  • 14.02 Podcast // Keep Your Eye on the Elbow
  • 14.02 Podcast // Notes
  • 14.03 Tutorial // Elbow and Forearm Structure
  • 14.04 Tutorial // Hypertension and Dog Pose

15. The Wrist and Hand

  • 15.01 Key Pose // Savasana
  • 15.02 Podcast // Open Hand, Open Heart
  • 15.02 Podcast // Notes
  • 15.03 Tutorial // Wrist and Hand Structure
  • 15.04 Audio // Guided Savasana
  • Quiz: Part 5


  • Gratitude Letter from Judith, Mary and Lizzie
  • A.01 PDF // Blanket Folding Diagram
  • A.02 PDF // Rethinking the Musculoskeletal System


Learning anatomy with Judith helps me relax and teach from my heart.
Lizzette Yoga Teacher, California
I was intimidated about studying anatomy, but this course changed everything.
Jennifer Yoga Teacher, North Carolina
Experiential Anatomy helped me see my students with soft eyes.
Kelly Yoga Teacher, Missouri

Learn from Experts

Judith Hanson Lasater and Mary Richards

Judith Hanson Lasater and Mary Richards

Judith Hanson Lasater, Ph.D. in East-West Psychology and physical therapist, has been practicing yoga since 1970, teaching yoga since 1971, and helping to train teachers since 1974.  She is a founder of the Iyengar Yoga Institute in San Francisco, CA, as well as the Yoga Journal magazine.  

Ms. Lasater trains yoga teachers in virtually every state of the United States, and is often an invited guest at international yoga conventions.  She is president emeritus of the California Yoga Teachers' Association as well as the author of numerous articles on yoga and health for nationally recognized magazines.  

She is the author of nine books, and has created numerous digital courses about teaching and practicing yoga.

Mary Richards, M.S., C-IAYT, is an integrative health educator, yoga practitioner, anatomy nerd, dirt-worshipping hiker, dog/cat lady, and bibliophile.

Ms. Richards began practicing yoga in 1992, and teaching in 2002. She holds a Master's of Science in Yoga Therapy and a Bachelor’s degree in International Affairs.
Ms. Richards is passionate about sharing her experience in yoga therapeutics and other healing modalities to help others cope with -- and ideally, prevent -- injury. Her practice and teaching are informed by personal experience from a decade of joint pain, mobility impairment, and surgical repair combined with myriad manual and exercise therapies.

She lives in Alexandria, Virginia, with her husband, two teenagers, Kira the puppy and Penelope the cat.

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  • See inside the body with medically accurate 3D visualizations provided by Pocket Anatomy.
  • Submit questions directly to Judith or Mary.
  • Participate in 8 live webinars.

Continuing Education

We look at each concept from multiple angles, meeting you where you are, and supporting the way you learn best. The training includes:

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Enrollment in this digital course includes 8 live video webinar sessions hosted by Lizzie Lasater with either Mary Richards or Judith Hanson Lasater available to answer your questions. Running from January through April, the webinar schedule is spacious enough to give you time to move through the material, but frequent enough to keep your learning schedule on track.

As soon as you enroll in the course, you gain immediate access to all of the pre-recorded video and audio content. This gives you time to start working through the material - and to make it through the holiday season -  before we start the live sessions in January 2018.

Can't join live? No problem. Submit your questions ahead of time and Mary or Judith can address your query during the live session. The live webinars will also be recorded and available within the course learning platform for later review.

Spring 2018 Webinars

Live at 11am Pacific, also available as a recording.

  • January 9th
  • January 30th
  • February 6th
  • February 20th
  • February 27th
  • March 13th
  • April 3rd
  • April 24th

About Your Host

Lizzie Lasater

Lizzie Lasater

M.S., E-RYT 200

Lizzie Lasater researches the pleasure of deceleration through teaching Restorative yoga workshops and retreats. Trained as an Architect at Columbia University in New York City, her design practice includes producing digital yoga trainings and creating a line of 3D-printed spirit necklaces. 

Raised in San Francisco, Lizzie now lives in the Alps with her Austrian husband. Follow her posts about finding silence and connect with her directly on social media: www.lizzielasater.com

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